Thursday, April 16, 2009

2009 season opening

I hope everyone had a fantastic wintertime. The camp didn't fare too badly, although we did have to spend a day fixing the kitchen tent that had collapsed from 2 feet of heavy, wet snow. At least there were no mice this year (where did they go?).
There is a new building season upon us and we have a whole new set of exciting goals for Halkett Bay. We are hoping to:
  1. build the decks around the cabin
  2. complete the milling of the logs
  3. erect and sheath all the walls of the main cabin
  4. install roof rafters and sheating in the main cabin
  5. install at least some of the windows and doors
Everyone is welcome to join us each weekend. There will be fine imported beverages, delicious food and now even more places to rest your weary head at the end of the day. We will also be doing 2 weeklong buildings sessions: I would like to propose build dates. We would like to split it into two different weeks this year:
First week: July 25th to August 3rd
Second Week: Aug 22 to Aug 30th
Look forward to seeing you this spring or summer

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Big thanks to everyone!

Help Gambier Island

Gambier Island is facing numerous environmental threats at the moment when we are seeing a rebirth of wildlife. Wolves, whales, owls and more, all around us we see evidence of an eco-system on the rebound. But that resurgence is threatened by plans to allow clear-cutting, develop LNG plants, sink warships.