Monday, August 27, 2012


Kevin discovered growlers at a local brewery. 64 oz bottles that you pay a deposit on. Cheaper than a six pack and the beer's quite tasty!

Kevin discovered

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Synchronized swimming and the beginning of the end of the scaffolding!

Another lovely weekend for Halkett Bay Builders!
Mike and Ralphie on the roof and breezeway

Maddy finishing the painting the window sills brown

We put our salvaged corplast on the east wall of the power tower. Now both sides of the tower have a nice diffused light during the day and a great glow at night.

and we got started on the siding for the power tower

What's missing from this picture? Scaffolding!! Sometimes taking something down feels like almost as big a deal as building something up! Taking down the scaffolding off the west wall of the cabin felt like a HUGE step forward!

And we still had time for fun and leisure

Lora studying to be our tree expert

Lunch time!

Lora and Kevin practising for the Halkett Bay Synchronized Swim Club!

What a fun and satisfying weekend!

Big thank yous to Mike, Maddy, Lora and her amazing gazpacho, Alex for coming over to finish his Chinese checkers game, Mother Nature and/or global warming for the amazing lightening light show.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meteor weekend

This week we had visitors from Korea, Alberta and East Van!

Jan and Rich stopped in on their way back to Alberta to lend a hand with the roof and the siding

Sean (Shawn?) was visiting from Korea. He's a friend of Brad's and interested in doing a film project on sustainable building.

Highlights were the ukelele music, stargazing on the trampoline, swimming and Brad's impressive backflip. Thanks again to Brad, Shawn, Jan and Rich, the sun for shining and the Perseids Meteor shower for putting on such a great show!


Sean (Shawn?) came with B-rad

update for those interested in Halkett Bay

Hi everyone,

We had a great weekend with Pere, DeeDee, Sonia, Nitin, Brad and Alpha helping out moving the shed (see the video at, preparing the power tower for siding, painting deck boards, installing
door hardware and even some plumbing and drywall! But it wasn't all work: Swimming, Booby trap, custom built beverages and Bocce balanced the weekend and the weather held.

We are looking forward to another great weekend of working and play.Conditions look great for some ocean swimming. If you are interested in joining us we will be there all long weekend and most weekends
through the end of September. Drop us a line, or an e-mail.

Sonja + Kevin

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Big thanks to everyone!

Help Gambier Island

Gambier Island is facing numerous environmental threats at the moment when we are seeing a rebirth of wildlife. Wolves, whales, owls and more, all around us we see evidence of an eco-system on the rebound. But that resurgence is threatened by plans to allow clear-cutting, develop LNG plants, sink warships.