Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Long weekend at Halkett Bay

Hi y'all,

Apologies for the infrequency of correspondence. I am sure that you have been checking our blog (7lcabin.blogspot.com) for the latest updates on our cabin building adventures. We have been up on Gambier Island most weekends this spring and plan to continue into summer. OUr project is going pretty well although I was reminded that we need to renew our building permit as it has been 6 years since we first got ours!

The weather has been a mixed bag this spring but look what the long weekend has in store:


Graphic forecast

26 Jun

A few showers
  • 18°C

27 Jun

Chance of showers
  • 60%
  • 22°C
  • 15°C

28 Jun

Chance of showers
  • 30%
  • 24°C
  • 16°C

29 Jun

  • 24°C
  • 17°C

30 Jun

  • 24°C
  • 16°C


  • 25°C
  • 15°C

We have been enjoying our first attempts at gardening, great food and a championship disk golf course right at our doorstep. If you feel like joining us let us know and we can make arrangements. Look forward to seeing you all this summer,

Sonja + Kevin

Monday, June 24, 2013

Crittter report: mysteries solved and mighty cute marten spotted

 For years we have heard a strange booming sound in the early evening. Our theories were belching deer or bullfrogs. Our land partner Bill has finally solved the mystery.

"So I heard that eerie bellow from the pond. This time I was determined to track it down. As I snuck up on the croaking frogs, there was that bellow again and again. No buck to be seen, so a bull frog it had to be. Damn - didn't those froggies sense the danger they were in? As I drew level with the pond, the bellow seemed to drift up Andrew's hill. In billygoat mode I charged up but the bellow seemed to draw further away. One speedy bullfrog I thought. As I neared the top of the hill, the bellow suddenly transformed to a roar, seemingly from a nearby tree. I paused and waited, admittedly a little scared, thinking in this fading light I was about to confront the mother of all climbing bull frogs. Thirty seconds and there it was again, but 50' further east, then south, then west. This was super climbing, flying mother of all bull frogs messing with my head!

Then looking up I finally saw the flying bull frog. And yes it had wings, beautiful long narrow wings. I think it's called a night hawk, which does this acrobatic manoeuvre, similar to a humming bird, where it climbs high, stalls, does a head first dive at high speed and pulls up just before hitting the ground. It's the pull up that makes the bellow. Long live flying bull frogs."

A second mystery developed when a little reddish creature was spotted near the road and on the deck. Bigger than the ermine we spotted a few years ago and not the right colouring or location for an otter, we weren't sure what it was. But After a third sighting we are pretty sure we have a lovely pine marten neighbour.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Decking discs and divine dining

It's been a great spring so far. We've had mint from our planters, good times on the green roof and of course the nearly completed exterior siding!
But even among great weekends this weekend was special.

In the work department, Kevin finished some milling and Mike and Malcolm started on the much -anticipated decking.

He's a lumberjack and he's OK

is that decking going down? oh my so it is!

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Big thanks to everyone!

Help Gambier Island

Gambier Island is facing numerous environmental threats at the moment when we are seeing a rebirth of wildlife. Wolves, whales, owls and more, all around us we see evidence of an eco-system on the rebound. But that resurgence is threatened by plans to allow clear-cutting, develop LNG plants, sink warships.