Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Halkett Bay update

Hi everyone,

Well I see the flowers coming up so this can only mean one thing: Halkett Bay update e-mail.

Last year we managed to get quite a bit done thanks to wonderful volunteers. This year we are keeping the goals modest:
1. Building inspection
2. Finish siding and roofing
3. Electrical and plumbing building permits
4. Rough in electrical and plumbing
5. Build stairs
6. Finish Decking

We look forward to seeing you at Halkett Bay. We go up most weekends in spring and fall and almost every weekend in summer. Contact us for details.

Kevin + Sonja

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend report and the log crib aka firewood rack

This weekend Kevin made us a log holder out of the stockpile of bolts he got off Craigslist. The bolts are perfect because they are the exact length that the log needs to be to fit in the stove. If this system works we might build it in when we put in the drywall.

We also cleared out some of the leftover construction wood around the site so spring can work its magic and green the place up. The sun came out to join us as we hauled wood and built a bonfire pile for next weekend. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend of 9-10th

Kevin used some free laminate to put down a new floor in the power tower

the mice made short work of some napkins and dishclothes they managed to get to. 

thinking about spring and green roofs (again)

As we gear up for spring I've been surfing the net looking for the cheapest and most effective way to finish up the top of the breezeway. As we have discovered time and time again, those two goals aren't always compatible. so really we are looking for the best possible compromise. One option we're exploring is a green roof.


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Big thanks to everyone!

Help Gambier Island

Gambier Island is facing numerous environmental threats at the moment when we are seeing a rebirth of wildlife. Wolves, whales, owls and more, all around us we see evidence of an eco-system on the rebound. But that resurgence is threatened by plans to allow clear-cutting, develop LNG plants, sink warships.