Saturday, July 10, 2010

7L's and a little luck

I was thinking today about the role of chance, luck and craigslist in the building of our cabin,  I like the fact that we've been guided not only by the 7L ideas but also by chance and opportunity.  Although there are days when I wish we could make a decision without thinking about budgets, there are many more days when I happily search Craigslist and elsewhere for good deals and pleasant surprises. I thought I'd list some of them here:


  • Toilet+ sink currently in 'toilet shack' (free)
  • Marmoleum for guest cabin
  • stainless steel sink + counter combo
  • counter for kitchen tent (free)
  • French doors
  • BBQ
  • Stove
  • Low-flow toilet for cabin (free b/c no tank lid)
  • Chainsaw Mill

ReStore in Bellingham

  • Fir windows
  • Power tower metal doors (only $6!)

Free from neighbours and friends

  • Posts and beams from trees off a neighbours lot
  • Power tower roof
  • Power tower doors and windows
  • Tool shed
  • Flooring for kitchen shack
  • Corplast for top power tower windows

  • 8 foot high sliding glass doors for guest cabin (Jacks Used Building Supply)
  • Sink for kitchen tent (St Pauls thrift store)

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